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can i work in india after completing PG from Russia without clearing MCI screen test?

Thread: can i work in india after completing PG from Russia without clearing MCI screen test?

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  1. shubham said:

    Question can i work in india after completing PG from Russia without clearing MCI screen test?

    i came to know that a student who completes hi PG from abroad (by this i mean outside of Indian territory) can work in pvt sector without clearing any screening tests...!!! i know that PG of any country apart from USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are not recognized here in India and they can't work in govt. hospitals... but at the end who cares..??? to hell with stupid non-sense indian govt, NBE and MCI...
    i want to study medicine (UG and PG both) in Russia...!! all i want to know is: can i work in pvt hospitals without giving any kind of exams??
    probably i won't even return here if i got reasonable pay in Russia itself... I love the place...
    please help me out and others too...
    thank you...
  2. the_red_devil said:
    PG done from anywhere abroad is not accepted by the Indian govt. You can probably work in the private sector though. And mate, it's ok if you are not fond of our country but please refrain from bashing our nation in public and international forums.
  3. shubham said:
    ha ha ha... i don't hate india yaar... in fact it's the only country with the vast cultural diversity...
    i hate it's system, govt, class-ism, fights over languages and corruption...!! this makes me hate the place...
    anyways... who the hell cares about it?? you have work to do we have some too... sab apne mein busy hain... :P
  4. the_red_devil said:
    we have our problems,but so do all other countries.are you planning to go to russia?which universities are you considering?
  5. asmi87 said:
    which is the exam for validating pg from russia??
  6. Patoliya Hiren said:

    for PG in ukraine

    hi..sir....i am hiren.i am medical student in ukraine for last 6 next months i will get diploma..and i am planninfg to do PG in ukraine is it good idea...?can you please guide me..?and i heard that internship from ukraine is also it true?
  7. Mikhail's Avatar

    Mikhail said:
    Please, be aware that graduates of 5-years long MBBS programs in Asian medical schools may experience difficulties in admission for PG study in Russia. The reason is Russian MD program is 6-years long and not every student with MBBS degree is getting certificate of equivalence (permission for PG clinical study in Russian medical schools)
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