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Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy?

Thread: Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy?

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  1. Roula said:

    Question Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy?

    Does anybody here have any information on the Ukranian Medical Stomatological Academy, in terms of quality of education, dorm conditions, education system, safety of the area? I am a fourth year dental student in Syria, however due to the situation there I am considering transferring to another university.

    Thank you
  2. patrickdewn said:
    Not bad quality of education
  3. Brensionter's Avatar

    Brensionter said:
    I have heard that they have a really good quality of education. I've studied there for 7 years and feel absolutely satisfied. But I recommend you to go on the program mbbs in odessa. Before the beginning of training I took a long decision and collected many reviews. Odessa Medical University is the best university in Ukraine I consider . If you want you can write me in private messages and I will share with you contacts.
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