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Ukraine education agents? (edu - ukraine a scam or not?)

Thread: Ukraine education agents? (edu - ukraine a scam or not?)

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  1. ????? ????? ?????? said:

    Question Ukraine education agents? (edu - ukraine a scam or not?)

    I am trying to get admitted to a Ukrainian university to study something related to economics/finance/management. So far I have come up with this site (Star Education Consultants (Edu - Ukraine); a website/company operated by Yousaf Khan: who is apparently the CEO, MD, and the only director.) The site looks pretty decent and somewhat fancy (apart from the bad English). And they claim that they have a 100% visa approval rating from the embassy for the applicants. So I did some digging and thorough research to find some reviews and feedback from customers/students. And I saw some negative feedback from students claiming that the website/company is running a scam business in which they take your money and never respond to your future mails or phone calls.

    I also found out that the company has an Indian physical office space set up somewhere in India. (which made more complicated)

    So I am hoping if anyone can tell me whether this guy/company/website can be trusted before I pay them for an invitation letter. And I would be eternally grateful if you can let me of other Ukraine education agencies which are legit.

  2. Charlesl said:
    Try to search "StudyUA". I am not sure, but I guess my friends who has studied in Ukraine, used this agency to apply
  3. patrickdewn said:
    yes, STUDYUA try this site
  4. clara cleren said:
    try Medlink students, they are %100 a legitimate agency. they helped my sister 5 years ago, and some of my friends and now I'm using them. they are very helpful, give it a try. Good Luck!
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