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transfer from eu to russia

Thread: transfer from eu to russia

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  1. sonofsurgeon said:

    transfer from eu to russia

    Hello everyone.I am 3th year med student in Bulgaria english course.I really bored in Bulgaria and i am not european so its not necessary for me to get a diplom only from eu and also bulgaria has a very bad profile in my country that patient could run away when they see bulgarian diplom.I am thinking to transfer moscow, simferopol or st petersburg.Also you can advice somewhere else .Actually my first choice is croatia but i really dont think that i can study with my bad english.thanks a lot and study hard
  2. Mikhail's Avatar

    Mikhail said:
    According to Russian law, they may accept you for 1-st year study only, then you will need to speak to appropriate professors for the credit transfer.
    Also, in Russia they start studying clinical subjects at year 3. Since we still dont have sufficient number of English speaking patients, the students should know some Russian to contct the patients...
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  3. patrickdewn said:
    I think that you have to try to study in Croatia
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