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Thread: MSU or MMA?

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  1. vcbr8558 said:

    MSU or MMA?

    I'm a south american and i've decided to study medicine in Russia.
    I've already checked almost all the universities of the country, but I still have a huge doubt: MMA or MSU, which is the best medical university?

    How it's MSU's medical course? It has a good structure and good teachers? Feel free to give me some advices 😬.

    Thank you very much!
  2. vcbr8558 said:
    Anyone??? 😐
  3. Mikhail's Avatar

    Mikhail said:
    MMA (currently Sechenov 1-st Moscow State Medical University) is the best medical school/medical university in Russia and ex-USSR states
    MSU (Lomonosov Moscow State University) is the best university in Russia and in Eastern Europe, but its School of Medicine is relativelr young - reorgansed in 1992 and small - annual intake is about 150 students.
    So, MSU gives the best education in Sciences (math, Chem, Phys, Bio) which are part of 1st and 2nd year MD study. MMA gives the best education in clinical subjects (years 3 to 6).

    And, please, be aware MSU does not offer MD study in English. It means you would need to study Russian language at 9 months long preparatory courses
    Some more details about MD study in Russia is offered here
    Contemporary Educational Programmes
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