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Master in Dental Surgery-MDS

Thread: Master in Dental Surgery-MDS

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  1. Dr Eugene(Dent) said:

    Master in Dental Surgery-MDS

    Hi everyone. I am a foreign graduate with a 5yr program dental degree. I am interested in pursuing MDS Postgraduate speciality in Russia in either the fields of Maxillofacial surgery or orthodontics. Still hard to make up my mind. I am looking for an English based program at a russian dental school. Pbm i have is that in my country (Namibia) to be recognised as a specialist the course needs to be 4yrs full time minimum and most russian MDS is 3yrs. What i however understood is tht a student cn negotiate the length of the studies to longer is they want to?
    Also i want to know how good and hands on is maxillo and orthodontic education during PG in Russia? Is there entrance exam for someone with a foreign dental degree? Any personal testimonies of foreign MDS graduates at russian medical and dental school?
  2. Mikhail's Avatar

    Mikhail said:
    please, be aware that there are probably now opportunities for PG Dental education in Russia. Therefore, prospective students initially enter preuniversity language courses to study the language.
    Admission is based on consideration of the documents on previous education.
    You may do 4 years of study according to your preferences.
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