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Dnipro / Kiev UAFM / Bogomolets - any advice for prospective UK student?

Thread: Dnipro / Kiev UAFM / Bogomolets - any advice for prospective UK student?

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  1. NHHO72 said:

    Dnipro / Kiev UAFM / Bogomolets - any advice for prospective UK student?


    this is my first post on here - I canít find any up-to-date info about my query.

    In brief, I am considering a career change to medicine. Iím in my 40s, live in the UK, and for a variety of reasons, mainly financial, I was never able to consider stopping work and studying medicine before. I looked into the 4 year graduate entry programmes in the UK, but I simply couldnít afford to stop work - never mind face the competitive admission process. I know I would be relatively old when I finished and this what limit what I could achieve, but Iíd still like to try.

    My circumstances have changed a little and I could, at a push, self finance for the 6 year course in eastern Europe. The cheaper the better really in terms of fees, so a couple of agencies that I have spoken to have pointed me in the direction of Dnipro Medical Institute and Kyiv Medical University of UAFM. I canít really find out much about these institutions however, particularly Kiev Medical University of UAFM. Are they any good? Would I get a decent theoretical and clinical training in these institutions? Most of the information Iíve found online about the Kiev Medical University is from Indian recruitment agents which paint a picture of everything being perfect - and I donít really consider that to be reliable. Iím always worried that none of the websites really seem to feature graduates who have returned to their home countries and done well as doctors.

    The other place in Kiev one sees a lot of references to is Bogomolets which is often described as the Ďbestí in Kiev, if not all of Ukraine. Is that the case?

    Are there many British medical students in Ukraine? If so, what's your experience been like?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to share
  2. BorkLaser's Avatar

    BorkLaser said:
    Avoid any non-eu countries if you want to return to the UK. Did you already begin?
  3. Chefo91 said:
    Ukraine is filled with UK students, especially Dnipro Medical Institute and it is a good university indeed.

    As to the previous reply, Ukraine's medical education is recognised throughout the whole of Europe and it doesn't really matter that it's not in the EU.

    Dnipro is great, my brother studies there and if you have any questions about it sure you private message me.
  4. clara cleren said:
    Dnipro is the top university in Ukraine, My sister studied in Ukraine and now I'm thinking to apply.
  5. Chefo91 said:
    Fantastic! You won't regret it.
  6. dark_sun's Avatar

    dark_sun said:
    Very good university. My very good friend studied there. The story is banal and very simple. After college I wanted to get a higher education. I was looking for options, then I found here information about the possibility of studying in Ukraine. While IELTS and TOEFL tests in other countries are necessary to foreign entrants, students donít have to pass it in process of admission in Ukraine establishments. Such a loyal policy makes higher education in Ukraine one of the most available in Europe.
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