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Another book question...

Thread: Another book question...

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  1. Ferrarijp's Avatar

    Ferrarijp said:

    Another book question...

    First, if we fail to order all the books we need before we reach the island, is it likely we can buy them on Saba?

    Second, when do you suggest we order books so they arrive in a timely manner?
  2. ResearchingGuy said:


    There are always used books available on the island, though selection and price will vary at times. Once you are here and get to know some folks you can often borrow certain books.

    As far as ordering goes, I would personally order them as early as you can (no more than a semester in advance) since there are sometimes issues with back orders and late delivery. If they are sent to the school, they will be put away to wait for your arrival.

    Also make sure that you follow the required/recommended booklist sent out by the school and not the one on the website since it seems to be updated in a haphazard manner.

    Best of Luck !
  3. Stitches said:

    Hi ResearchingGuy

    So I should follow the list in the Student Handbook? A few months ago, someone on the forum notified the update on the web, and I was planning to go with the website. When or how will we know, for certain, which books are required? Thanks for the inputs
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  4. ResearchingGuy said:

    When in Doubt...

    When in doubt, call Gardner. I was confused beacuse the University Books Online website had almost exactly the opposite of what the handbook stated. I called Gardner and they told me the handbook was correct. I would spend the couple of bucks on a call to Gardner just to be sure.

    Best of Luck!
  5. classic said:


    The books I bought off were the recommended and required books listed on the web site for the university school. I was a bit scared when I saw the post about them being opposite of the books listed in the handbook- but, as it turns out I checked the handbook out and they are the same.! whew, sigh of relief- I almost peed my pants because I already ordered all of the books!
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  6. ResearchingGuy said:


    Didn't mean to scare you. Just wanted to give everybody a little "heads up". Perhaps if we make this thread a sticky it will help others as they buy books.

    Anybody else with good book ideas out there?

    Best of Luck!
  7. lobotomy_man said:

    Sept student still not sure on booklist.

    Hello everyone!

    I am entering in Sept and am still unsure on the booklist. I am getting different answers as to follow the handbook I got almost 10 months ago or to follow the "University Books Online".

    Can someone from the May class post what books were required, suggested, and actually used. I would appreciate this very much.

    Thanks in advance.
  8. HafSabeen said:

    Yet another book question

    How do you find out if there is a newer edition of a textbook that's listed in the handbook? Saba recommends going to each textbook company's website and finding out that way, but is there a quicker way to find out? Also, if I'm attending in May, when should i start purchasing the books (i'm thinking of looking at, and amazon).

  9. Stitches said:


    Order your books from university books online, they usually have the most recent editions...all mine came as the most recent ones. Also, order them 3 weeks before start of class. They probably be on the island within a week, but don't worry, the administration keeps them for you. They have big boxes with your name on them. We all picked up ours during the Sept orientation day. The required books are listed on the online bookstore website, follow that one (this is what Gardner office told me when i emailed them). Hope this helps!
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  10. lobotomy_man said:


    Or you can do what I did and order them off of Amazon and bring them with you. Beware that shipping is very expensive with University Books Online. My other two cents is that EVERYONE SHOULD BRING DOWN "BRS ANATOMY". It is vital that you have it. Some people were able to buy a copy here from 2nd semester students, but many had to order it and wait.

    Ok... that's all folks.
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