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Checklist for Incoming Students

Thread: Checklist for Incoming Students

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  1. swinginislanddoc's Avatar

    swinginislanddoc said:

    Checklist for Incoming Students

    I thought some of you coming in would like this. The current first semester president and one of her classmates came up with this list, which has been given to the Executive Dean of SUSOM and will hopefully be distributed out to all of those accepted to the school in the future. In the meantime, check it out and make sure you're set!


    Checklist for Incoming Students

    School Supplies
    Index cards

    Anatomy Lab Supplies
    2 sets of scrubs (minimum)
    3-4 boxes of latex medical examining gloves
    Basic dissection kit
    Extra blades for dissection scalpel

    Computer Related
    Laptop (with MS Office)
    Flash drive (memory stick/USB key)
    Surge protector
    Optional: printer with extra cartridges
    Printer Paper

    Alarm clock with extra batteries
    Set of full size sheets
    Bath towel
    Hand towel
    Face cloth

    Summer weight clothing
    Sweaters, sweatshirts or light jackets
    Raincoat or umbrella
    Some semi-formal clothing for special occasions

    Prescription medication (4 month supply)
    Feminine hygiene products
    Bug repellent
    Bug pesticide
    First aid kit and supplies
    Over the counter medications (aspirin, allergy related, cold meds, etc)

    Food Related
    Dried or non-perishable goods
    Microwaveable food (if youre in the dorm)
    Water filter system (i.e. Brita)
    Can opener
    Tupperware for microwave cooking
  2. lobotomy_man said:

    good but not perfect.

    Unless you want your hand to smell like formaldehyde use NITRILE instead of latex gloves. Latex has small pores which let the formaldehyde through which then enters the pores on your hand and results in a bad case of "stink hand". Note: Not to be confused with the "stink hand" from 'Mall Rats'. The nitrile gloves are more expensive but are worth every penny.

    You should also bring a light fleece to bring to class since there are only two setting on the AC's..... artic breeze or balmy.

  3. medschool22 said:
    I saw printer paper on the list. No printer paper on the island? I'd imagine people go through a lot of paper....
  4. GFLIP's Avatar

    GFLIP said:
    I printed a lot - It's cheaper to bring your own paper.
  5. lekker said:
    Do I smell an entrepreneurial venture coming on? lol
  6. wolfvgang22 said:

    Smile stuff you might wanna bring

    I know this has all been said before, but this is for the newbies.

    If you have room you may want to bring a good electric fan. (If you are staying in the dorms first semester, this can wait until you return for second semester to bring a fan down, as the dorm AC is very good.)
    I had a Honeywell turbo desk fan from Wally World that was fan-tastic. Many places do have air conditioning units, but unless electricity is included in your house/apartment rent when you move out of the dorms, electric bills will eat you alive if your rely on an AC unit. Another option is to by a fan at the Cost-U-Less on St. Martin, but they charge a lot for a simple fan, with less choices (as it goes with everything down there.) Sure, some people will say "The weather is so nice on Saba I don't need a fan." That's because their room-mate has a fan, or they don't pay the AC electric bill - and then the landlord wishes the student had a fan.

    Another item of comfort for the literate: If you like to read books on real paper for enjoyment bring a few books with you. There is a free book exchange shelf in the library that waxes and wanes. The library has a very small fiction/ non-medical section for check-out, as well. If you dig Clive Cussler novels (), you're in luck there. There is no bookstore on Saba, and only one or two on St. Martin that are out of the way. No Borders or Barnes and Nobles down there. You can order stuff from Barnes and Nobles and, but it takes 2 weeks to get your order, and shipping can be pricey. As a last resort I sometimes read e-books downloaded from the internet, but nothing beats the feel of a bound book.

    While I'm thinking about books, order all your textbooks from Barnes -and-Noble at "ttp://", leave off the quotes and add an h to the front of that address. I do this to circumvent a troublesome ad that replaces that address if I type it normally here. You'll get a 10% discount (sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less). Unless you like to keep using University Books online because you like the school getting a cut of the profits, and you get a free pen. No, you don't have to be a card-carrying AMSA member to use

    Don't take any books down there with you in your luggage. They are heavy, take up space, and if you give Amazon or Barnes and Nobles the correct address your books will be at the school waiting on you. Don't know the correct address? Here it is:

    Your Name
    C/O Saba University School of Medicine
    The Bottom
    Dutch West Indies, The Caribbean

    I shipped a LOT of stuff to and from Saba in the two years on the island, and never had anything be late or lost from UPS, Fed-Ex, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble with this exact address. If you address things this way your crap won't end up in Venezuala or Curacao or Holland like a lot of people's stuff does. Don't worry about the lack of street address, nobody needs it, just put "The Bottom". Everybody on the island knows where the school is.
    By the way, tell your friends and family to forget using the U.S. Postal service to send anything down there unless you want it one month or so from the day they sent it.

    Another thing flashes to mind...bring your digital camera. I know you attention-whores out there pack that first, but Saba and St. Martin are beautiful too, and this is what I miss the most about the island. Though I have many, many pictures I always wish I had more. Film cameras are even more worthless down there than they are becoming here as there is no place I know of to develop film down there.
    If you bring print photos of loved ones down with you, it might be a good idea to laminate them or otherwise protect them from the moisture that can ruin them. Sometimes mold will grow on pictures if they are not protected from the humidity.

    Speaking of mold: don't bring down ANY leather except shoes you wear a lot. I have very expensive one of a kind hand-made cowboy boots that grew a forest of mold. Forget about the leather won't need it anyway. Just have a light wind-breaker and hat.

    Finally, if there is some brand of soap or personal item or whatever you can't live without, bring it with you! For example, right now I love Bert's Bees Lip Balm. Guess what - I've never seen it on throw an extra tube in the suitcase. If you have any questions about what's available on the island or not, don't hesitate to post here for somebody, or you can PM me...but wait...the last time I said that somebody asked me about ultra-something-or-other feminine product, so keep in mind I'm a guy, ok?
    Saba University School of Medicine, Class of 2009
    Diplomate, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  7. microphage's Avatar

    microphage said:
    wolfie's back... how goes it..
    Finally beat Super Mario Bros within 7 mins.
  8. rdecastro said:
    Quote Originally Posted by GFLIP View Post
    I printed a lot - It's cheaper to bring your own paper.

    Not really. I buy reams of paper at the office supply store in Windwardside for about 8 guilders each. All of it is good, occasionally it's HP extra bright.
  9. medschool22 said:
    what kind of ink is available to buy on the island? I hear hp ink is available.....

    I'm looking into buying one of those new kodak easyshare printers where the black and colored ink can be bought for ~$22 (kodak easy share 5100 or 5300 - 2x the ink and 1/2 to 2/3 cheaper price for the ink)


    A few other questions (and also add to most of these questions whether or not these items can be found on the island if need be, etc):
    1) Can we buy notecards on the island?
    2) Do we need a specific medical dictionary or will any do?
    3) What type of notebooks should we get (1 subject vs. 3 subject) - and are these available on the island
    4) What size binder should we get?

    5) Important question about bedding - can we buy that stuff (and stuff to furnish our dorm with) on Saba (or possibly SXM)?

    Side question - are the beds in the dorms comfortable? Should I bring a comfy mattress topper for the single?

    6) For first semester - should we bring pots/pans or just tupperware?

    7) Is the laundry coin-operated - do people usually pay the $2 (or whatever it is) for someone to do their laundry?

    I'll probably think of some more noob questions for you guys too...just give it time
  10. genialg said:
    that leather tip is really good...never thought about that...who knew mold on leather?
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