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Thread: Gpa

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  1. dcunningham's Avatar

    dcunningham said:


    I am wondering where on the SGU website can I find my overall GPA?

  2. Salama's Avatar

    Salama said:
    You can find and download the GPA calculator for SOM on the Post. > Post > Important Information > GPA calculator for SOM under the 2.5 GPA minimum (third from bottom)

    It's an excel sheet, and you just enter your grades as you earn them. It will give you a cumulative and per term GPA.
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  3. E46Fanatic99 said:
    bump bunmp
  4. TheFooBar's Avatar

    TheFooBar said:
    Log into SGU self service. Search for grades. Follow the links.
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  5. Salama's Avatar

    Salama said:
    Quote Originally Posted by E46Fanatic99 View Post
    bump bunmp
    A bump after an hour and a minute? Are we really that short-minded?
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  6. TheFooBar's Avatar

    TheFooBar said:
    29. You can't get Adderall in Grenada.
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  7. ZnS3104ever said:
    You just email someone and they send you an unofficial transcript within a day. Let me know if you want it, just PM me.
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  8. coralis's Avatar

    coralis said:
    you don't need to email anyone, you can see the unofficial transcript yourself under the self service website. You long in, do a search for grades, look at your last term's grades and you'll see your overall GPA under your term GPA
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  9. avavida said:
    Converting grade points to GPA is very easy with gpahub. net. Have you try?
  10. RobertGreene said:
    GPA Calculator is a function where all the information is submitted in order to calculate your GPA and GPA Calculator tells your current GPA on the basis of your grades.After that you can also calculate that what semester GPA you'll need to meet a given goal of semester.
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