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Thread: SGU Sports

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  1. qwerty1234 said:

    Red face SGU Sports

    Can someone clarify SGU sports? I read online that there are soccer, football, tennis teams ect. that you can join. Are these any good? How are they situated around classes? Are they competitive or just for fun?
    Also, my boyfriend is coming with me and I know he'd love to play football, how strict are they on who plays? Could I pay for him to join a team or something?
  2. Dopple54 said:
    Current student at SGU here. There is intramural soccer, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and basketball that is played on campus. There are different groups that do runs, hashes, and swims. Some of the intramural things get a bit competitive but are generally for fun. I haven't heard of any organized football games but he could probably get people together who want to play.
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