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Why Term 5 far

Thread: Why Term 5 far

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  1. scolari66 said:

    Why Term 5 far

    Just a little description of why SGU SOM Term 5 sucks so far.

    First thing, I was at an idyllic place over break. Coming back to all the crazy H-bus drivers and just Grenada in general was a bit of a culture shock. I've seen 4 major accidents in the last week at the roundabout near Frequente Industrial Park and at least 3 near the Lavo Lanes Bowling alley--how many people have to die or be injured before they enforce some sort of speed limit, or put up a traffic light, or tell bus drivers they can't drink rum and cokes all day as they drive around at high speed.
    But back to the curriculum...
    Term 5 seems to have a lot of clandestine instructions. Amid all the junk emails I get from the school every day, a rare
    minority will actually describe a class project or deadline. Students seem to be getting most of their information from Facebook, which is not supposed to be the de facto syllabus or all-purpose learning tool for this class, last I heard, especially in light of all the questionable data-mining the company revealed in the last weeks. If anything, the more mature students of Term 5, ready to take on USMLE and clinicals, and their medical future, should be encouraged to outgrow that "high school" mentality. Instead information about course projects and assignments is very cliquish and "word of mouth" and Facebook-oriented. What's wrong with Professors articulating deadlines and projects during lecture? Is that no longer permitted? Or are they just lazy? Or out of touch?
    Also, like Pathology, Pathophysiology seems very disorganized. Not a week goes by that students are not re-assigned small groups or told to sit in a different table for Small Group session. Facilitators seem like they are going through the motions with little interest in the subject matter. This class is supposed to be a preparation for Step 1, but it feels more like a half-baked re-enactment of Pathology, which was not a class that got good reviews. It feels like the school has gotten so big that it can't support all the new students it keeps accepting for the next term, which is upwards of 1500 people, last I heard. Lines for food or coffee are longer that ever, roads to the schools are full of potholes, bulldozers, and dusty detours. Really, this seems like a different environment that the one I enjoyed the first few moths here.
    Also there's an incredible amount of busy work. BSFCR seems like it implemented specifically to interfere with Pathophysiology and Pharmacology,
    and the classes are full of murky assignment descriptions and arbitrary deadlines seeming imposed in order to "weed people out."C
    Clinicals (ICM) is so full of busy work assignments it boggles the mind. When you just made it through one assignment on SAKAI, they lead you
    over to Bline for some other silly assignment.
    Isn't anyone listening? I've heard of this type of thing at inferior schools but it's not what I expect at the "Harvard of the Caribbean." There's no way I could recommend this school to prospective medical students. Lately it seems like a big mess.
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  2. futuredoc814 said:
    Being off the island for a year, I've come to realize that I miss my moped and daily sunshine more than I hated the horrible road conditions. Those "speed limit" signs had been put up right before my last term (summer 2017) and I heard rumors of the police finally getting a radar gun, I was hoping those sorts of things would finally modernize the driving conditions a bit.

    Now that I'm reading your post in December, hopefully this should mean that you're home and enjoying your last bits of freedom before starting dedicated. I will say that the BSFCR busy work actually did help with my Step prep. Once you're in clinicals, you'll see that the hospital curricula is often just as organized, and often has lots of busy work to prep you for Step 2 CS. Grenada just taught us all how to roll with the punches.

    Good luck on Step 1!
  3. DTM said:
    As a local, I can say that these road accidents have only become quite frequent in just about 3-5 years. Rum n coke is a major factor but the number of motorists have also quintupled recently, including very young and inexperienced drivers, especially under the influence.

    I wish you all safe driving!!
  4. DTM said:
    There is also a major influx of imported vehicles in the last 5 years so everyone and their mother wants to drive something.
  5. DTM said:
    Bruh, I feel you.....Check out my post entitled "SGU Confessions" and you will understand how big of a mess they are. There is also a fb site called SGU Confessions where students go to empty their gripe....check it out! Wish I could edit my post title though to reflect the dismissal from my program. Good Luck to you!!
  6. daredevil004 said:
    Hi all current term 5 student here is an updated truth of the school to add what this person as said in the header:

    It used to be a good school. But it has been going downhill. I attend there and the quality of lectures / education has decreased since Dr. ****** sold his shares to a Chinese company -> as of 2018 BSCE an NBME exam is now worth 45% of the term 5 grade where about 40% of people fail. (Reported by upper termers that other schools have bought out rotations spots away from sgu and they had to be wait listed so now sgu is trying to eliminate the number of students by term 5) Ive seen my friends who are good people and potential good doctors fail because of their ambition for money with their new grading policy. the august class 2018 was 1,300 students! Say good bye to good quality of education. Overall, this school has become more of a profit margin/ cash cow for the shareholders. Whoever reads this i am sharing the information so that you are not misinformed by SGU. It used to be reasonable to be an MD through SGU back in early 2000s, but not anymore in 2019.
  7. B-nissle said:

    I had a very different experience.

    I currently just finished term 5 at SGU and have a very different view of what was said earlier.

    First off, I cant comment on the lectures bc I did not watch or go over any of the lectures term 4 and 5. I used my previous notes from term1-3 along with first aid, Zanki, and sketchy and did extremely well on BSCE 2. BSCE 2 is worth 45% of your grade but not to weed people out. If you cant pass that then why would you want take step one? Its also not the end of the world because the NBME is worth 35% of your grade. You also get 20% from other things such as ***** and soft points. Weeding people out would mean if you failed a test they kick you out. If you fail they will ask you to remediate the term in order to improve your score, and the best part about it is its FREE. So the whole weeding people out thing doesn't make sense to me.

    I will agree that schooling is more expensive than it should be and some of the lectures were just horrendous. SGU is for profit so ya it does suck we r getting sucked dry for everything we got and don't got. To say it used to be reasonable to be an MD from SGU and not anymore is a shot on me and my fellow students. We work extremely hard to succeed and its up to us to represent the MD from SGU. I would say my friends and I do very well and will help bring up SGU reputation making it better for future students who decide to come here.

    Lastly just because your a good person doesn't mean your a good doctor. I'm sorry but I know plenty of good people but if they didn't pass medical school I would not allow them to operate on me. I don't care if they were a better person than mother Theresa.
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