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The Migraine-inducing road to taking USMLE

Thread: The Migraine-inducing road to taking USMLE

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  1. scolari66 said:

    The Migraine-inducing road to taking USMLE

    I must admit, when a Term 5 student told me he spent four hours online trying to square away the application for the Step 1 exam, I thought "Wow, that's a long time."
    Little did I know, the whole process can drag on for weeks and weeks.
    Somewhere in late Feburary I started working on the online application. I went to the ECFMG website and put in my
    personal information. I prepared for the online notary public but I received an email saying I had to fill out a new form
    for a "name change" due to some error. Turns out I didn't have my middle name on one of the forms but it did on my passport.
    Boy, I must have been reckless, I thought, since no one else had this happen.
    However, When I went to take the CPR class on a weekend about 4 students of the group of 8 or 10 had done the same thing and we
    all had to wait about 12 days for this new form to clear. (Obviously they need to make the instructions a little more clear)Two weeks later I check and I am finally able to choose a 2-month window for the exam. Two more weeks pass and no response. I then get an email saying I had to fill out Form 173. So I go to the registrar's office and fill out the form and ask the lady behind the desk if everything looks kosher. She says it looks good and I wait a few more days.
    I then get an email from an ECFMG enrollment officer in New York that she never got my Form 173. That's right, they lost it. So now a month down the road I am still scrambling around trying to get the proper forms sent in. All this hullabaloo and red tape and a thousand dollars over an exam. Jeez, it took less time and energy to apply to Medical School.
    Trying to make sense of this mess, I figure just like Health Insurance there's a very large number of parasites making money off medical testing
    so it's become a rat's nest of bureaucrats and bean-counters, with arcane website instructions, usernames and passwords, ID numbers, combined with the typical disconnect between the SGU local offices and the New York offices, where they either lose your information or make it much more difficult than it needs to be (much like the vaccinations protocol at SGU.)
    Imagine if SGU set up a meeting with students and a public notary and streamlined the whole protocol, instead of the current madness.
    The education at SGU still seems good, but they really need to work on some of the administrative protocols so that the left hand
    knows what the right hand is doing.
    Also when you try to call ECFMG or notarycam they typically put you on hold for 30 minutes so getting the simplest information can take a really long time. What a mess. How you supposed to take the test with a splitting headache??
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    dark_sun said:
    Good question
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