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What is your motivation in becoming a doctor?

Thread: What is your motivation in becoming a doctor?

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  1. malusport said:

    What is your motivation in becoming a doctor?


    I was just wondering what are some of your motivation in becoming doctors. You will spend 4 years in medical school plus a minimum of 3 years doing residency working close to 130 hour work weeks. You will probably never see your family during that time.

    What is your real motivation? I have heard so many. I heard helping people, but that is too broad. You can work for the peace crops and help people. Some peopel tell me money, but if you take a look an entrepreneur makes a lot more money than a doctor and if he ever takes his company public, he'll make much more.

    Please share with me, what is your true motivation for becoming a doctor?

  2. drhopeful said:

    why i want to become a doctor

    I think that wanting to become a doctor is almost something people are born with. I mean I know it sounds kinda funny but those that truly want to become a doctor have a pretty difficult time explaining why. I think the reason is that it mostly comes from a persons heart and trying to portray the feeling with words becomes difficult.

    Becoming a doctor is no easy task. Just getting into medical school is a daunting task let alone the amount of studying, time spent in residency and the grueling hours one spends training.

    I personally have many reasons why I want to become a doctor. Yes my first answer is I want to help people, and yes it is true that you can help people in many ways but I think a doctor provides the most direct and critical type of help. I mean how many times have you been in pain and you've gone to see your doctor and after he's treated you you want to just get up and hug him. The healing power of a doctor is almost godly. I don't think any other profession is more appreciated than a doctor because of that fact. We as humans seek help and relieve from pain and suffering when we are going through such a time and the most critical pain and suffering is physical pain and when that pain is relieved we are most grateful.

    I think medicine is also a field in which you will be constantly learning new things. Every day we have new procedures, new types of drugs, new types of diseases which are found. As doctors we will always be learning new material and for some people that is an interesting aspect of medicine.

    The fact that you will have such direct human contact and human contact that will be constantly changing is also a plus.

    The feeling of a child who is dying of cancer who then hugs you and says thank you for treating me cannot be matched by any other profession.

    Basically your affecting humanilty, your helping to cure and treat which makes you very powerful, I personally couldn't see myself doing anything else. I have my background in engineering, I make good money but the satisfaction of becoming a physician is undescribable.
  3. malusport said:

    question for Dr. hopeful

    Hi Dr. Hopeful,

    Thank you so much for your reply. That was fast!!

    Just a quick question I want to ask you. You said that you were in engineering and making good money.

    let me ask you this. This is an hypo: Let's say for example that you had a business of your own and were making $200k a year. You really like what you did, but you always wanted to be a doctor.

    Would you go through all this?
  4. drhopeful said:

    becoming a doctor

    Yes of course.

    You must remember that money isn't everything. What really matters in life is happiness?

    You could be a billionaire and not like your job and what would your life really mean to you then.

    If I were told right now, listen you will become a physician but only make 50K a year, I would still take it. The reason because I could wake up every morning at 6 a.m. and be very happy to go into work and talk to one of my patients.

    Again money isn't everything, I stress the importance of that. Your happiness should be above all. My happiness comes from become a doctor and helping people out. I have a good job right now, and we have a family business which is doing very well but I know deep down that it isn't something I could do for the rest of my life. This is why I'm pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor.

    Life will become your teacher, if your experiences are bad then what you've learned and what becomes of your life will be bad. Don't do something just because of the money thinking it will make your life happy.
  5. david_med said:

    reasons to become a doctor

    job stability: impossible to rare to find a doctor having a tough time finding a job. doctors have jobs lined up. dont listen to all the complaints from doctors, they just want the "best" situation. you wont see a doctor driving taxi cabs because he cant find work, atleast not in the states or in any western country.

    versatility: doctors dont have to treat patients all the time, per se. they can teach, they can manage, they can work for a biotech managing research...and tons of other things that i probably dont know about.

    status: doctors are ALWAYS well respected. plays a big role in why A LOT of people go this route.

    money: ive never heard of doctors having to take a paycut. if anything, their salaries stay stable, even in the worst of economic times. rare, if it ever happens. fields in demand are usually showered with cash.... ie gastroenterolgy, radiology, anesthesiology.... cash cows.

    power: youre the top dog, and you will have a lot of control in decision making. not necessarily a good thing, but its there.

    last but not least.....impact people: make a difference in people's lives, and they will love you for it....if you do a GOOD job, that is.

    in conclusion, if u consider that in atleast 7-10 years you can achieve all of the above, that is pretty damn good. you can go the business route and MAYBE, just maybe, achieve SOME of the things listed above.
    you mention going public? and screwing all kinds of people to climb the social ladder to potentially get where u want. not to mention, u can be laid off, u are influenced by the economy, times arent always "good."

    overall, why WOULDNT u want to be a doc? its not like people can go to college, get a ** and then off they go to be a millionaire. it doesnt happen. even amongst the MBA's, its not ALL that glamourous.

    Also, lets not forget, you cant get anywhere unless you bust your ***. Whatever u do, if u want to be at the top, u have to eat, sleep and breathe it....potentially losing things along the way....

    even the best business men....they work harder than docs. so if u ask me, why WOULDNT u want to be a doctor. its the greatest profession ever!

  6. helpfulgrad said:

    good question

    Wow, so i havent been on here in ages and while I have a few minutes to spare on my 30hr ICU shift I decided to browse. This question in particular perked my interest since I've been struggling with the same question for a while.
    First of all, I think it takes someone really dedicated to pursue training in medicine. There is so much sacrifice involved that no one really fathoms unless they undergo it themselves.
    My motivation for becoming a doctor included everything that previous posters stated. A doctor is someone who is respected, sometimes even idolized. Doctors make good money and have alot of versatility and stability in their profession. I've heard doctors described as "god's right-hand man" even. I wanted all of these things. I wanted respect, to make lots of money and to have stability etc etc in what I did.
    At times I second-guess my decision when I see my friends who chose business or computers making 80-100k right out of grad school (or even undergrad) and they're buying their new cars and houses and I'm still lingering with residency. But then I think about what I have achieved and how I feel when I go home at day's end and I know that I've truly touched a life and made a difference...and i'm quite content.
    I also know that I am very lucky to have a profession in which i will always have a job - people will continue to get sick, it's life. So I wont have to worry about down-sizing and lay-offs etc as has happened to a few of my friends post-9/11.
    In the end though, besides the fact that the science is exciting and the job is intriguing, I chose medicine because I did volunteer time in the field and I found that I was happy doing it. Thats the only reason to choose a profession- because it makes you happy!! You'll be doing it for the rest of your life
    So give me all the hardships I went through - I'll gladly go through them again. Give me the debt I incurred and the knowledge that it'll take a few years to pay off. Give me all the times I gave up on hanging out and having a good time cuz i had to study. I'll gladly take it on again.....cuz you know what...I'm so freakin happy.
    later dudes
  7. malusport said:

    Hi helpfulgrad

    What year are you in now for residency? How is it going for you?
  8. helpfulgrad said:


    fresh new resident as of July 1 (PGY- 2) and it's going great
  9. KUNSAN said:

    What is your motivation in becoming a doctor?

    For me, its playing a limited role in the world of medicine. I am a pharmacist for the military and wanting to play more active role in patient care. Applying what you have learned will make education more purposeful. I have been working for a while and realized that I am not applying things I have learned from school at work....Most of the time I spend my time debating and thinking about how to best spend my pharmacy budget and getting medications for providers from various prime ventors, international pharmaceutical companies, and local pharmacies to meet military needs. In addition, spending too much time managing time and human resources to accomplish military mission.
  10. FISHBURNE said:


    The previous posts are all very good and I find some reasons and motivations that I have in common with you all.

    My major motivation for choosing the medical route is that I have always been fascinated with living systems. The more I took classes in Bio and Chem I became more and more amazed with how living organisms work and thrive. I thought of veternary school, but i am afraid of horses.. ha ha. Actually, if you really think about it, the way that all of our processes and systems work together is so much better and more advanced than anything we can duplicate. Alot can go wrong though and that is where I plan on being there to help. I plan to learn all that I can about our bodies and souls so that I can be affective in treating people and helping them to live fulfilling lives. To many people who decide to be a doc this is a very personal question. I am not going to share all of my motivations because I share many of them with my classmates, but that is just a little about myself.

    See you all later,
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