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Davenport Questions

Thread: Davenport Questions

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  1. mdMDmd said:

    Davenport Questions

    Who do we contact at davenport to discuss transfer of credits from st joes. thanks!
  2. mdMDmd said:


    bump up

  3. spyyder's Avatar

    spyyder said:
    first apply and send in your transcripts. The person in charge of the davenport program will contanct you regarding transfer creds.
  4. MDTOB's Avatar

    MDTOB said:

    Arrow Re:

    Just wondering if anyone has enrolled in the MBA program at Davenport?

    I'm seriously considering transferring my credits from St. Joe's to Davenport and completing the MBA.

  5. Junito's Avatar

    Junito said:
    For those looking for more info about the program:

    Davenport University - St Matthew's
  6. spyyder's Avatar

    spyyder said:
    there are quite a few SMU students enrolled, there are about 5 or 6 in the class I am currently in.
  7. santana12 said:

    general questions about Davenport

    What is the minimum enrollment for financial aid purposes?
    Do they give independent students the whole amount of loans ($18500)?
    Has anyone had issues with aid at davenport?
  8. spyyder's Avatar

    spyyder said:
    Minimum enrollment is 2 classes a semester (but you really can't take more or less then that anyway) Classes are 7 weeks, and you take one class at a time. You will get the full amount of Stafford spread over 3 semesters.
  9. whats_up_doc said:
    How late can you start the program?

    can you start it during clinicals
  10. spyyder's Avatar

    spyyder said:
    you can start any time, you will just end up finishing sometime during your residency
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