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***** official 2011 match*****

Thread: ***** official 2011 match*****

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  1. shades mccool said:

    Cool ***** official 2011 match*****

    On a positive note, lets hear from some of the people involved in the 2011 match! Provide as much or as little info about your match and experiences.
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  2. azulpanther's Avatar

    azulpanther said:
    From facebook I know quite a number of people that matched. This Thursday they will find out where. I will make this thread a sticky. Thanks for starting it.
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  3. docblin said:
    Prematched for FM at U of NJ Sch of Med/Dent. Hoboken Hospital. He did Prelim. Gen Surg this year. Hope this helps. Know of 3 from 2010 grad class unmatched/unscrambled. Tough year
  4. Lisa624 said:
    i have several friends including myself who have not been able to match. Had i known and done further research before chosing this school i would not have gone to this school. These caribbean schools allow u to get a MD but that is all. The residency opportunities are very hard to come by. Good luck to all my qualified friends who went the caribbean school route but have not been able to get a residency.
  5. azulpanther's Avatar

    azulpanther said:
    Seems like not many matched smu students come to valuemd. From my circle of friends and facebook, I've counted around 10 matches. We all will have to wait when the list goes up on the school's website.
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  6. AmericanIMG's Avatar

    AmericanIMG said:
    just wanted to quickly post that every person from SMU that i know that went for the match this year matched and didn't have to scramble. in an odd turn of events, the only scramblers i knew this year were from US schools (MD not DO).

    lots of students i knew from Xavier failed to match.

    hope everyone is doing well!
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  7. ic222 said:
    I know of 4 SMU Students that matched, one matched into McGill in Canada, impressive.
  8. FLP_1989 said:
    Official match list is up! Congrats everyone.
  9. azulpanther's Avatar

    azulpanther said:
    St. Matthew's University | 2011 St. Matthew's University School of Medicine Match Results by

    Its a great looking match. I'm very proud to personal know many of the names on the list.

    Good job Guys !!!
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  10. kinski69 said:
    Know of 3 from 2010 grad class unmatched/unscrambled.
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