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Trust me please, as a caribbean grad from Ross, you do no t want to throw away your time, money, and efforts with this school. I have tons of friends that went to this school, not one recommended that i send my brother to St. Matthew's. From the top of the school all the way down to faculty, they are a mess and do not give a rats butt about you. They offer no financial aid (unless you illegally use money from an mba program to pay off your medical school tuition, even with that waste of time you will be short), they are not licensed in many states, they will keep changing rules while you remain there, and they have all sorts of legal troubles, lawsuits, etc. So they are on a nice island? If that is your reason to go there, God help you Seriously, please look to the better schools, like ROSS, SGU, AUC, AMA, AUA, and I am sure others. This school will put you in debt or weed you out, actually both. If you think you won't fall into this category, trust me you don't want to think like that and you will wish you listened to me if you get yourself into this mess. I sent my brother there despite the warnings, and now he is in a huge bind. Help yourself and heed this advice, i am doing this only to save people the pain and agony of what my brother had to endure. Sarim

This guy is spot on. The school will really make an effort to weed out students. They were CAUGHT removing question stems and giving some completely different questions from certain student's exams. First semester Histo, Second semester Genetics/Biochem, Fourth semester Path. They will collect as much tuition as they can before they boot you out. You will be left with hundreds of thousands in debt, and nowhere to go. Also you can forget about filing a lawsuit, since their office is in a district which is gerrymandered so that they always win. My honest advice is that if you passed first semester, please find a school which will accept you as a transfer. Do not wait for them to weed you out and you are in debt.