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Story of another SMU alumni...

Thread: Story of another SMU alumni...

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  1. pookie1106 said:


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  2. medgrad18 said:
    The OP's post are exactly the types of garbage posts you need to watch out for. Whenever application deadlines are approaching, the school calls up alumni from years ago and tells them to write a positive experience on this forum. This is a very desperate measure which can do little if anything to cover up years of corruption and lies.

    If you are looking to apply to SMU, please do yourself a favor and consider the implications which aren't highlighted by admins. There are several threads on this forum which outline in detail how the school defrauds students.

    It can be very very very tempting to be able to get done faster. However, this has never been accomplished by nearly ANY SMU grad. There's 3 categories of people who graduate from this school:
    1. People who are affiliated with Alumni (not all, but some can pass this way)
    2. People whose parents make generous donations (this option will give you fair exam questions as opposed to other students who receive incomplete step2 review questions)
    3. People who are affiliated with the staff (nothing needs to be said here, they can be dumb as a rock, but pass every class first attempt, no questions asked)

    Literally every other student will fail. Please do not listen to such success stories as the OP's as they are garbage. They all tell you the same concept: it was hard and I struggled, but somehow I magically made it. If I can do it, anyone can. etc. etc. The hard work paid off and it was worth it. Don't think, just apply and attend.

    You definitely don't have to be dumb or lazy in order to fail out, since over 90% of the students who attend this school fail out. Heck, there were semesters where not a single person passed histology or pathology. Most students who attend here were either hard-working with a good GPA but impatient to retake the MCAT or had a rough beginning of college and did well towards graduating college. Plenty of smart and hard-working students fail out of this school. If you don't fall into the categories listed above, you will be the next.
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