This university is not even a real university. ALL the numbers they tell you are a lie. Basically your entire class will fail out at one point or another. So many students fail classes like histology for no reason other than the school wanting students to repeat. Some students fail during semester 1, more in semester 2, and even more in semester 4. I would say over 90% of students fail out. Most seem to be pretty smart and hard-working but didn't want to jump through the hoops of getting into a US MD school. I feel the threads which tell you it will be fine are very misleading. Even the thread with the pictures of the campus and residence hall are very misleading. The residence hall is a very dull environment and very expensive with lack of proper internet to do any real studying. The campus is a very hostile and toxic environment in which they watch everything you do. From where you walk using security cameras to what you're browsing using wifi. They literally watch everything. This school should not even be a last resort unless if you know someone who went there. I feel those students are the only ones succeeding from this school. The staff is also known for doing very shady things with test questions and changing questions for different students.