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  1. Sebastien Guilbard said:


    Dear All,

    It seems that prospective students have hard time to contact me.
    My email is [email protected] or now [email protected]

    Sebastien Guilbard, M.B.A
    Residence Hall/Residence Suites Manager
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  2. T said:
    Hey Sebastien, I will be starting at SMU in September and I was wondering how I would be able to reserve one of the new apartment/RH that SMU will be offering. Is it definite that it will be ready at the beginning of the fall semester. What is the name of the hotel that it use to be called, I would like to look at some pictures if some are available. Also could you tell me a little about the other building SMU has apparently secured at the main campus, how big is it, do you know if it will be used for a big lecture hall or more lab space. If you could please give me some information about it I would greatly appreciate it as well as other students to prove to them that the school will not be a fire hazard and be suffiecient to occupy us all.
  3. skidoc42's Avatar

    skidoc42 said:

    Lightbulb Hey Everyone

    Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to post here that if for whatever reason you're having a tough time getting a hold of Sebastien. You can throw your questions my way and I will do my best to answer them or get answers from Sebastien. I'm a first semester at St. Matt's and a member of the RH council. My contact info is listed below!

    email: [email protected]
    AOL IM: chemmajor42
    Or you can PM me on here

    Hope everything is well! Take care.

    B.S. (Chem.): Univ. of Pittsburgh
    M.D. St. Matthew's Univ. School of Medicine
    Residency: FM
    Fellowship: Geriatric Medicine
  4. onesolo said:
    Are the room assignments out yet? If so how do we find out what room we are in?
    St. Matthews University
    School of Medicine
  5. SMU-Info's Avatar

    SMU-Info said:
    Rooms are currently being assigned. If you have requested a roommate, make sure to log on and fill out your roommate preferences.
    E. Goodbread
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    St. Matthew's University
    Visit Hidden Content , home of the official SMU forums.
  6. azulpanther's Avatar

    azulpanther said:
    Would someone be able to tell me the address of the RH. Since Universitybooks online is offering free shipping to St. Matthews I would like to take advantage of this. Basically I need the address of where I can ship my books? Thank you
  7. CARNIVORE's Avatar

    CARNIVORE said:


    Quote Originally Posted by azulpanther
    Would someone be able to tell me the address of the RH. Since Universitybooks online is offering free shipping to St. Matthews I would like to take advantage of this. Basically I need the address of where I can ship my books? Thank you
    here it is.....

    Shipped To:
    St. Matthews University
    PO BOX 30992, SMB
    GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands
  8. rickyrajat said:

    residence hall

    What are the major differences between standard single, standard suit single, and deluxe suit single?

    With the prices stated on the SMU website, what's included (high-speed internet, electricity, water, cable tv)...if not how much does this normally cost?

    Do people prefer to live in residence hall or find their own apartment. How easy is it to find an apartment on the island close to the school.

    Would I need converters for my electrical products? What voltage is the island?

    A lot of questions, I know...apologies in advance


    Standard single 4,300USD/semester
    Standard Suite Single occupancy: 5,100/semester
    Standard Suite Double occupancy: 2,850/semester/student
    Deluxe suite single occupancy: 5,500/semester
    Deluxe suite Double occupancy: 3,150/semester/student

  9. Knight007's Avatar

    Knight007 said:
    Standard single = the smallest of all the rooms but VERY spacious for 1 person.
    Standard suite = Room is bigger in size than Standard Single and you have option of having it alone or sharing it.
    Deluxe Suites = very few rooms which have sofa and a living room
    and is in a L configuration
    Again you can have it single, or share it.

    What room you get depends on how early your housing application was completed and availability.

    RH is the best deal to live in on the Island. I recommend you stay
    there the entire 1st semester and not run away in the middle because
    it sounds very "exciting" to get your own apartment.

    RH is a wonderful experience with your classmates, and it will allow you to
    interact with your peers and learn more in the process when you are
    getting established in 1st semester.
    St. Matthew's University SOM

    Luck favors those who leave nothing to chance Hidden Content
  10. rickyrajat said:
    Thanks for your input...RH sounds very efficient.

    Can you please answer my question about internet and other things such as electricity, water, and phonelines...are these included or provided at an extra charge. if so, how much
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