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SMU Websites

Thread: SMU Websites

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  1. Bedazzled said:

    SMU Websites

    I was just thinking that we should maybe have a list of good websites to visit. I know there have been some posted in random threads here and there, but it would be nice if we could compile a list of good sites, either personal, goverment or school affiliated.

    If anyone has any suggestions or sites they'd like to add, I know I would appreciate it and I think it would be very useful for others, too.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Bedazzled said:
  3. T said:


    Do any students have any websites on the school showing pictures of student bodies or facilities.
  4. studentMD said:


    well SMU album on Valuemd is a start

    theres a handful of pics up there and users are free to put their own pics up there to share with others..
  5. Sebastien Guilbard said:
    Sebastien Guilbard, M.B.A
    Residence Hall/Residence Suites Manager
    Hidden Content or
    Hidden Content
  6. smustudent2 said:
  7. Bedazzled said:
  8. pselwyn7 said:
  9. Bedazzled said:

    rentals and smu moving info

  10. Junito's Avatar

    Junito said:
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