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  1. students said:

    Did anyone order used car from ????
    I ordered for more than 3 months, but they do not ship it yet. Don't recommend to buy any car from from these people, the service is terrible !!!!
    They promised me many times, but nothing.....
  2. SMU_Information's Avatar

    SMU_Information said:


    I don't know if this would help, but it's worth a shot.
    JP Yates
    St. Matthew's University
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  3. carlover1 said:

    Beware to buy from Trust Company Ltd. (

    You are absolutely right Students!

    I totally disagree with this, my friend has purchased a Toyota Hiace from (Trust Co. Ltd). He was told the vehicle is in very good condition and has no damages at all (The price were little high but the vehicle was good in the pictures). When he received the vehicle the Pressure plates was broken, damaged and stripped threads in flywheel, Gear box full of grease and considerable amount of rustů

    NO DISCLOSURE FROM TRUST COMPANY PRIOR TO PURCHASEHow could their Technicians miss the rust?Either there was no inspection, their inspectors are blind or Trust Guys knew of the damage and just chose not to disclose. I'm not seeking another vehicle, but if I was would not do business with a Company I do not trust.
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  4. AmericanIMG's Avatar

    AmericanIMG said:
    thats really too bad, i know lots of ppl that ordered from them and it worked out great.
    but remember that, even when those who move you be kings or men of power, your soul is in your keeping alone. When you stand before God you cannot say "but I was told by others to do thus" or that "virtue was not convenient at the time." This will not suffice. Remember that.
  5. XLNC's Avatar

    XLNC said:
    worked put perfectly for me also..

    In most cases the people who receive the cars at the Cayman port will steal cd players from the car.. That I have heard many times..
  6. jVW said:
    Hi all,

    There are numerous exporters scamming people trying to export from Japan. The problem is that even the ones that are legitimate (such as can get away with selling cars that aren't as described. I personally bough a car from them and have had to spend $5000 getting to get the car to a point where the 4WD works despite it being described as in free of any mechanical faults or problems. The repairs were made even more expensive due to the fact that the car was a Japanese model. I was so annoyed that I started a website up and I have now had reports from lots of people having similar issues, as well as others that have just been completely ripped off. I can't post links yet as I'm a new member so Google "Japanese Vehicles Watchdog" to find my site and see some cases.

    Basically until there is a proper system for resolving complaints and vehicles mis-sold, I wouldn't recommend anyone buys from them. Even with the legit sellers, you could be the in the 10% that gets screwed and if you are, you have no recourse (other than bringing legal action against them in Japan - a costly exercise!).

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  7. iAmSKD said:
    A lot of people have attempted to use this company to import RHD cars to the states and have either lost all their money or have gotten something other then what they purchased. Not to sure what you can do about it in the islands but in the US (at least in Florida) your out of luck. The laws which govern these companies are in accordance to the country of which the business is registered to and I can tell you first hand that most do not care about these issues.
  8. jVW said:
    Hi iAmSKD,

    If you (or a friend) has had a problem importing from a Japanese Exporter, I'd love t hear from you. I'm trying to publish as many cases of this kind as I can in an effort to expose the companies (even the 'legitimate one') to better protect consumers.


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  9. devildoc8404's Avatar

    devildoc8404 said:
    Why on EARTH would anyone buy something like a used car online?

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  10. jVW said:

    What's the quote from Vanilla Sky? The answer to 99% of all questions is: money. On the island where I live, cars are insanely expensive - $3000 will buy you a banger of a jeep, around 15 years old. The same amount imported from Japan buys me a very nice SUV, fully kitted, etc. I have about 20 friends who have all made purchases via Japanese Exporters and who have all been very happy (one had a problem with the wheel bearings immediately after their purchase, the exporter wire-transferred funds to cover the repair) and so a company with a track record like this is *generally* ok to buy from (although there not guarantees). The real cowboys are the ones that appear for a few months only and just run off with customers cash.


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