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Premed YouTube channel

Thread: Premed YouTube channel

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  1. anatomylover said:

    Premed YouTube channel

    Hello everyone,

    I've been searching around on YouTube for some good premed channels and I found a few. Hopefully they help you.

    Study Technique - Condensed Notes - YouTube

    DocOssareh - YouTube

    usmedstudent - YouTube

  2. yatml21 said:
    nice share
  3. jacksteve said:
    Youtube is fantastic and amazing
  4. ericlobster said:
    @anatomylover - Thanks for sharing. One thing Youtube is lacking is good channels in the med field. Love to see more of them.
  5. StudentDealAli said:
    Youtube is great
  6. shanelowney's Avatar

    shanelowney said:
    YouTube is a great platform for the study, there are many channels available for medical students like
    Here you can watch medical study related videos. Join the MD degree program in the best Caribbean medical college.
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