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What are my chances of getting into UAG?

Thread: What are my chances of getting into UAG?

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  1. callamas said:

    What are my chances of getting into UAG?

    Hello everyone

    I'm presently trying to apply to UAG for the 2017 fall semester, and I want to get an honest feel for what my chances are for getting in. Here are my stats

    1)Went to UC Davis and studied Biochem & Molecular Bio. My GPA: 2.8 SciGPA: 2.7 (Low, I know)
    2)I took the new MCAT, and scored a 505 (which converts to a 28/29 from the old MCAT)
    3)Ive been an NREMT and California registered EMT for the past 2 years
    4)I have about 3 years of Research Lab experience, And 1 Publication as an author in a national journal from that research (Journal of Neuroscience Research, and I'm the second author of 4 total)

    please let me know what you guys think
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  2. nerky774 said:
    Hi I have the same question as you, but not much time ago I met with a former UAG alumni he told me UAG basically accept everybody. But once there you will have to study hard to survive and keep your spot.
  3. callamas said:
    well i just submitted my app today so i'll let you know if i get invited to have an interview
  4. JesusLovesYou's Avatar

    JesusLovesYou said:
    You get in as long as you give your deposit. Easy in but very difficult to finish. I had your MCAT score equivalent and did very well with undergrad science courses with bio major and Chem minor. Most people cry themselves to sleep because they cannot adapt to a different culture and mindset here. Others don't make it because they get sucked into the social and drama scenes or butt heads with administration like a thick-skulled American idiot. Then there are the USMLE exams...You will not be prepared for these from school coursework. You will also underperform on these exams because you will be constantly inundated with Mexican medicine homework and activities. Now, with the change to the four year program, things may have changed, but I doubt it is significant enough of a departure from the old ways. Consequently, everything I said above will still be the same. With current US politics, if you do not score in the 250's for all your Step exams AND have no failed attempts, you may get into a "less competitive" residency in the US afterwards to become a licensed physician.Otherwise, try to transfer to a school in the US. The political climate now is just very nasty towards FMGs. If the jerks running the US medical sector continue to get their way, FMGs may very well become a relic of the past within the next decade...IMHO.
  5. callamas said:
    Well for what it's worth, I've been invited for the formal Interview. I'm having mine in Guadalajara on 3/17. I don't know, despite all the talk about the school, I'm excited about the prospect of attending a foreign medical school. I think the experience is what you make of it, and I'm prepared to make the most of this one.
  6. nerky774 said:
    Good luck, I am ending my MPH and have plans to apply for spring 2018
  7. nerky774 said:
    Hi I have a question how easy was for you to get in a residency spot? I ask because despite I want to be a med I just want to work in primary care nothing fancy
  8. Papa_Bear's Avatar

    Papa_Bear said:
    That is the real issue !
    Many graduates never talk about that in this forum.
  9. Papa_Bear's Avatar

    Papa_Bear said:
    My house is still for sale, hard to sell it with the poor exchange rate.

    In the old days, once you were in most folks stayed in.
  10. Toxicdog's Avatar

    Toxicdog said:
    As long as you can make the right connections and pass step 1/2, family is definitely doable.
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