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PASSED STEP 1 236 just my 2 cents from an average student from an average school

Thread: PASSED STEP 1 236 just my 2 cents from an average student from an average school

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  1. UCFKNIGHTS2020 said:

    PASSED STEP 1 236 just my 2 cents from an average student from an average school

    Hi everyone.

    I am that guy that attempted to put in an appearance to class as much as I could and barely squeaked through on the island. Med school was dreadfully unkind, the comp exams and school policies were worse. I was practically kicked out for failing my comp exam and had to remain on the island and extend my stay a bit more than the average Carib student. I knew when I was done with the island I had to kick it in gear. I had heard about a review course called USMLE Eagle Prep in Orlando. One of my Deans recommended the program to me since he had sent a bunch of students there for both step 1 and step 2 ck/cs. He was positive about the program, and I new people who had their notes on the island, and they were really helpful.
    First, I could have never passed this exam if it wasn't for Dr. N and her staff, tutors, housing personal and the goodwill of every single person there. I was honest with Dr. N about how I literally felt like I had learned nada in medical school and now I needed to pass this exam. She took the time to get to know me, my strengths my weaknesses etc. She tailored a schedule just for me and introduced me to two of the tutors I would work with. At the end I worked with most of them, which was really cool because I got so much useful feedback from each of them. One tutor was brilliant at neuro and cardio, while another drew out all the basic stuff for endo, gi and renal and made me fill in the rest and then we built my notebook, it was such a cool experience especially when I got to teach other students. My tutor always told me See one, Do one, Teach one.
    Second, each morning they have drill sessions where for an hour they go over quick hits for the daily subject. Some really useful mnemonics that were basically tattooed in my hippocampus for the rest of my life….They always told me if you do well on drills you will do well on the exam, I didn't believe them until I took the exam. The Step 1 exam is general and these guys do such a great job of teaching you the general concept and then how to pick apart the small stuff.
    Third, I loved the lectures, they covered at least 95% of the material I saw on the exam. I just wish I would have made less mistakes on the exam, I think would have scored higher…oh well!!!
    Fourth, The tutors who I spent an hour with everyday gave me boundless energy and fire so I could continue to grow daily. Nobody taught me how to break apart questions and pick up the clues. Their method of explaining the approach of doing questions is something I wish I could have learned in medical school. That's why I told my school that they need to get these guys down to the island ASAP.
    I can’t stress my experience enough, I was not a good medical student before I came to Eagle, but they made me a solid student, a solid test takers, and now I cant wait to show up to rotation as a transformed individual and apply the knowledge I acquired down in Orlando. If anyone other there is like me, this was the best step I took in my medical career. Just wanted to share..
  2. UCFKNIGHTS2020 said:
    I am really sorry that I have not been able to respond to all these messages. Rotations have been busy, sleepless and very eye-opening. Anyway, for all of you who have asked me questions about the review course, I am really sorry this is probably late replies, but I am actually on an easy week. Here are some of the common questions.

    What is the best part of the program?
    The camaraderie, the lectures, the tutoring and Dr. N's ability to help the students out. I needed someone to pinpoint my weakness and how to tackle questions. This is something I have taken with me to out shelf exams and so far I am doing well

    How is the living situation?
    I shared the apartment with three other students, these guys are friends for life. After lecture/tutoring we used to go back to the apartment and drill on the day's information. Felt like a form of USMLE BOOT CAMP.

    Do you recommend 3,5,9 week course?
    Every student has different needs. I saw students come in for3 weeks, some for 5 weeks and some even 9 weeks. We are all at different levels and that is what makes that place so good, they can tailor a schedule for so you can succeed. After the initial test that you take, they evaluate you and you are able to assess how much time you would need.
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