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Former Med School Tutor- Here to help!

Thread: Former Med School Tutor- Here to help!

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  1. mdtutor123 said:

    Former Med School Tutor- Here to help!

    Hi all,

    I was a former MST and now starting my own tutoring service for students in need. I want to offer great tutoring at an affordable price.
    Personally, I am a physician in New York and tutor students on a 1-1 basis over Skype. I have helped 30+ students successfully pass their Step exams. Students come to me for Step 1, 2, 2cs and 3. I have tutored many students with failed attempts and practicing physicians from other countries looking to apply for US residencies.

    I scored above 240 on the Steps and I work with team of talented physicians who have done the same. There are many resources for the step exams but nothing really beats 1 on 1 attention. Problem is that its too expensive. Our rates are generous. Feel free to PM us for more information.

  2. vmtrinka said:
    Is this tutoring service still active for the Step 2 CK ? Thank you
  3. gotmylicense said:
    Disclaimer: I am not advertising...but I have more information about experiences of many of acquaintances that were in the same position as a specific temporal point that seems to correlate quite highly to your current preparatory circumstance. Please P.M. me directly for the relevant comprehensive summary and compilation of review program outcomes, with correlated analyses and objective recommendations.(eml me at enycity at gmail)
  4. wucheria said:

    No worries

    Thanks for the update
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