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General Information

A Brief History of Vanuatu

Flag of VanuatuMultiple waves of colonizers, each speaking a distinct language, migrated to the New Hebrides in the millennia preceding European exploration in the 18th century. This settlement pattern accounts for the complex linguistic diversity found on the archipelago to this day. The British and French, who settled the New Hebrides in the 19th century, agreed in 1906 to an Anglo-French Condominium, which administered the islands until independence in 1980, when the new name of Vanuatu was adopted. Read more...

Map of Vanuatu


The Vanuatu Medical University was founded in 2006 and is pleased to offer its courses to all students seeking a medical degree.

International Recognition

VMU Approach to Learning: VMU has both licensed and internally-developed software programs and content (cases, exhibits, assessments) developed and used by medical schools in Australia and the USA for digital, including online learning. VMU students have access to highly qualified clinical tutors online. These clinical tutors work with students in regular tutorial sessions that focus upon intensive "Guided Discovery Learning" (a variant of problem-based learning), combined with self-instruction and self-assessment. Using the VMU approach students will be able to study either in Vanuatu or for some parts of the course via distance learning mode from their own country.

Advantages to This Approach: Offers flexibility in terms of pace of instruction and location of instruction; provides instruction in an internationally accepted method of medical education: problem based/guided discovery learning; encourages students to have patient contact and clinical experiences from the beginning of the degree program; minimizes disruption to personal and working life while studying; increases access to the study of medicine; allows for progressive payment of fees as and when the student can afford to study.

Course Structure: The program encompasses 10 modules in Basic Medical Science and 6 barrier exams in the core Clinical Medical Science. Basic Medical Science modules are in 8 week blocks whereas Clinical Medical Science clerkships last 4 to 8 weeks followed by a barrier exam. There is a rolling admission allowing students to enter 3 times per year.

Tuition Structure: Complete program is US $45,000. Each module is US $4,500. The tuition is subject to change.

Clinical rotation charges can vary. It is the student's responsibly to cover any charges that are applied from the clinical rotation location.

Program of Study and Qualifications: VMU currently offers:

  • MBBS Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery OR MD Doctor of Medicine:

Admission Requirements and Student Selection All candidates should have undertaken basic science courses.

A semi-structured interview will be held to focusing on the personal qualities important for the pursuit of a career in medicine.

VMU occupies premises in the Orme University precinct, on the shores of Port Vila Bay. This an aerial shot of the campus.


Vanuatu Medical University


Summary: The VMU Value Proposition.

VMU provides:

  • A unique proprietary online curriculum that uses "guided discovery" learning as its model, with case scenarios and thousands of "learning objects" to support the learning process, including learning guides. Guided discovery learning is our variant of problem-based learning (PBL), the model adopted by most new medical schools in Australia and the UK
  • A powerful digital Learning Management System (LMS) that can link teachers, learners, and the curriculum "uncoupled in time and space"
  • An experienced team of management and faculty that has significant local involvement
  • A Charter to operate a university in a sovereign country and award degrees that are internationally recognized
  • A telecommunications license to create a "virtual private network" for health and education in the country using a new satellite service for Asia and the Pacific (application pending)

Futher Information

For detailed information, please contact us.

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