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a little help to make med school life a bit easier

Thread: a little help to make med school life a bit easier

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  1. mamamd said:

    a little help to make med school life a bit easier

    Windsor and St Kitts have been ok, but its hard being away from home. I was lucky to find this lady who makes homecooked meals that I can order, and she also helps in the house (laundry etc.). But the food is the what i really like. Reminds me of mom's cooking back home.Anyway, if anyone has been missing this like me, PM me, and I can give you the lady's number.Shes really sweet.
  2. Dr.K12 said:
    I think it will be a good idea if you leave the lady's contact info so that it will be convenient for everyone. Thank you.
  3. Dr.K12 said:
    I will PM you mamaMD
  4. md_neel's Avatar

    md_neel said:
    Please give me the number ...
  5. mesayte said:
    Hey would you please give me some feedback about Windsor, i am planning to apply for January 09. Were you there? How was their requirements for admission. It is all vague on the website. i have a BSC in Chemistry and a diploma in Bioscience. Do you think they accept me if i apply?
  6. md_neel's Avatar

    md_neel said:
    yes they will accept u and its good you have completed BSc .... try for MD1 and I don't think so it will a problem for you
  7. mesayte said:
    thank you for your response brother. i will mail everything probably this week and hope to c u if you r also going
  8. mom-on-board said:

    homecooked meals

    Contact number 7638040, ask for MS Tessa.
  9. tjasmine said:
    thanks for the #
  10. Lucy Xing said:
    Seems sketchy
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