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Looking for a place in Chicago

Thread: Looking for a place in Chicago

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  1. skysurfer64 said:

    Looking for a place in Chicago


    I am moving to Chicago at the end of the month (for rotations) and was wondering if anyone in the Chicago community has a room available or apartment/subleasing? If so, please let me know.

  2. SurgGMC said:
    where is your rotation?
    are you driving? subways? bus?
    how long is your rotation?
    what is your price range and etc.?
  3. skysurfer64 said:

    My rotations are throughout Chicago (city) and since I will be relying on public transportation, I am flexible on the location. I am doing all my cores there, so I will need a place for at least a year. Price range is somewhere around $500 USD if possible (it would be nice if utilities and furnishings are provided).
  4. msingh3288 said:
    Hey I am suppose to e moving later next week to chicago.. are you still looking for somebody to share the place with ?!
  5. skysurfer64 said:
    Hey, still looking for a place. I will send you a PM.
  6. DrManhattan said:
    Also looking for a place in Chicago if anyone knows some good places in Hyde park. Roommate needed as well.
  7. skysurfer64 said:

    I don't know of any places right now in that area, but I would check out either uofc marketplace or easy roommates. Both were helpful to me.
  8. DrManhattan said:
    thanks, ill check it out!
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