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Thread: Exit Exam

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  1. silverfox said:

    Exit Exam

    I heard today that Kath***ne said that the school no longer does an exit exam, just the core exams. Is this true?
  2. cardiomegaly said:
    Yep, I got an email from Br***** saying that stopped giving it as of 2/1/14. The core exams are required. One person said the pre-test & case files books are great study tools for the core exams.
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  3. medicineitis said:
    Have they started shelf exams for cores yet?
  4. silverfox said:
    Thanks for the info, which pretest and case file books are helpful? Just the core subject ones?
  5. silverfox said:
    I took 3 of the exams on the 22nd, IM, Surgery, and OGBYN. They were pretty straight forward kind of questions, the kind from Kaplan or UWORLD. Some even had repeat questions on the same exam. IM was 50 questions, Surgery was 50, and OBGYN was 25 questions.

    Dr. M said that if you started clinicals before he started at the school (prior to Oct '12) then you only have to take these three exams. Otherwise you would have to take all 6 exams.

    He also gives practice exams on the same day if anyone wants to practice and see what types of questions are on there.
  6. JohnnyBravo said:
    i haven't done any core shelf exams yet. I started rotations in Sept last year. I was hoping to do the exit at the end. we only need to take 3 exams instead of 6? kinda confused about that.
  7. silverfox said:
    If you started before Oct 2012 then you only have to take 3. If you say you started last year 2013 then you have to take all 6 core exams. You can take them all at once at the end, but you will still have to do all 6 of them.
  8. JohnnyBravo said:
    oh okay.. thanks for the clarification.
  9. chachi23 said:
    What? As of today there is still an Exit Exam?

    Has anybody taken this?
  10. silverfox said:
    Ya, they reinstated the exam in about April I think. Wish they would make up their minds!!
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