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MD 6 Orientation

Thread: MD 6 Orientation

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  1. oddjob said:

    MD 6 Orientation

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask if anyone had any information about the orientation week that we have to attend in Chicago before starting our clinical rotations. I just wanted to know how long it actually is and what they normally teach there. And most importantly if anyone had an idea as to where it is usually held so that I could make appropriate housing arrangements since my core rotations are not actually in chicago. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. algonquin said:
    I too am interested in this. Anyone?
  3. PnS11 said:
    if you rotations are not in chicago but you are coming for an orientation, you are doing the wrong thing.

    if you are to be in houston, orientation is held there. you don't need to come to chicago for that.
  4. algonquin said:
    well they said it will be houston a little while ago, but are now saying for those starting oct 26th, it will be chicago. I want to start looking for places but don't know where to look because no information is made available as to what hospital(s) we'll be working in
  5. PnS11 said:
    you will be all over the place. don't count on a hospital, either, it is mostly clinics.

    new students are being sent to chicago now, so this old post about someone likely going to houston is no longer relevant.

    if you pay your tuition for a few semesters in advance, you will get put into rotations well ahead of time. you will know the location of the hospital or clinic and can plan your housing accordingly. so yes, pay more and you will be better informed on where you will work and thereofre the best place to live.
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