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Visa issues at customs for Canadian students

Thread: Visa issues at customs for Canadian students

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  1. Admed said:

    Visa issues at customs for Canadian students

    Have any Canadian students had difficulty getting through customs while travelling to the US for rotations? I recently crossed the border and had a very difficult time.
    I showed them the visa letter provided by the school and they said that wasn't enough and that I need to get letters from the hospital I am rotating at. I know so many students who get through customs with just the visa letter without any issues. After a lot of explaining and showing other documents I was given a visa lasting 6 weeks to complete one core rotation. I was told that the next time II won't be granted entry unless I provideproof from the hospital.
    Has anyone figured out a way around this? I know the school does not provide hospital letters and they can't do much about it.
  2. Summer2013 said:
    I thought Canadian's does not visa to enter into US. Is it some thing new?
  3. PnS11 said:
    best way to cross is the have someone block for you and race through the counter. if you are fast enough, they may not even see you.

    if guards come, then stiff arm them and keep running to airport parking lot and do 'dirty bird' as touch down celebration.
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