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rotations in Tx

Thread: rotations in Tx

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  1. AF10 said:

    rotations in Tx

    I contacted the school to get info on setting up rotations, I asked for a list- wasnt provided. I asked about greenbook rotations and was told that not all rotations in chicago are greenbook- is this true?

    I searched throughout the forum and found students are scheduled in Tx ( M. He**n hospital).
    Upon completion of my paperwork, I might be heading there too.

    Anyone who is/has rotated in Tx would like to share their experience/thoughts?
    Are the rotations greenbook?
    Were you able to change locations- tx to chicago?
  2. PnS11 said:
    why is it a big deal if rotations are GB or not?????
  3. AF10 said:
    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't green/blue book important for residency/licensure in certain states? Just don't want to be hurt by this in the long learn.
  4. PnS11 said:
    most states that require it are not even fMG friendly

    illinois and michigan do not care and that is where windsor people are matching so the rotations are sufficient for that.

    if you are being adventurous, more power to you, but understand you will go crazy trying to nitpick and verify if a place is bb or gb and will end up spending a lot of money in the long for something with a slim chance of happening to begin with. it is your future and good on you for being conscious about things like this, but for the majority of the states in which you will be applying in, it will not matter.

    a side point to your main question about texas rotations in houston, there was a change in management at the chicago office in regards to clinicals. so those houston rotations are shaky ground now because those that set them up are no longer with the school and it was a private money making opportunity for them that they have taken control of now. due to bad blood with the school, it is a risky place to go in case those people throw money at the hospital to end the partnership with windsor to spite the school

    be careful and just take whatever rotations come your way so that you are in the clear of a very likely politically charged battle between admin and clerkship companies/hospitals. students have stopped worrying about gb or not a year back after this whole mess unfolded.
  5. panicattack said:
    Any current students in rotations, please help with this question. What rotations in Houston are GB and how many rotations are available in Houston? I talked to the the school, and was told that the rotations are "green book affiliated", they didn't specify which ones. I am not sure what that means. Would Chicago be a better choice?
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