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Windsor University Fired Pharmacology Professor DrJoseph****** for falsifying reports

Thread: Windsor University Fired Pharmacology Professor DrJoseph****** for falsifying reports

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  1. [email protected] said:

    Windsor University Fired Pharmacology Professor Jospeh******** for falsifying report

    Windsor University Fired a Pharmacology Professor **************** ******** **** in July/2015 for bad behavior and criminal activity and falsifying reports. DrJoseph****** –former pharmacology professor at Windsor University School of Medicine. He was fired after a only SIX weeks for inappropriate conduct with female students and faculty. Some of his accomplishments during his month and a half at Windsor include:
    -Sharing tales from his time practicing as a physician (******** never did a residency. false claim on his part).
    -Making false promises to female students and co-workers.
    -Continuously bad mouth every single colleague and promoting false erroneous information, including infringing on others privacy rights. (While telling students to be “professional” and only speak good of coworkers).
    -Claiming *self indicated* bruises were from a physical altercation with the Dean and also associate dean of Research Dr Guri and Bad mouthing Vice Dean Dr. Vish and others at Windsor. Security footage infact revealed no fight between the professor and the Dean and associate Dean, men who are about one third the size of DrJoseph****** ******** .
    --******** (Jospeh Anne ********) was caught lying to both the University and Local Police. He was Deported from the Island of St Kitts back to US for falsifying information and claims.
    -Faculty Senate decided to recommnded to let go of DrJoseph Anne****** ******** for mutiple gross misconducts of University Rules and Regulations, including a harrasment of female cowrorker and Falsifying information.
    With all the free time this disgruntled professor now has due to his unemployment, he pens poorly written articles bashing Windsor–making sure to attach his name and false credentials to every piece of fiction, feeding his giant ego.
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  2. [email protected] said:

    Edited by Author. Thank you

    Edited by Author. Thank you
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  3. [email protected] said:
    Public Media Disaster and No, CAAM-HP Accreditation for this School As a Former student that went to this school for four semesters before transferring the hell to another better school, I can tell you that Windsor University Board Chair VidyaS.Kora (an indian Physician with a very Bad reputation and low ratings from his patients from Michigan City, IN) and His Co-Chair Mrs. VinomaniGhaddam (a rich woman plundering and laundering our medical student money in Off shore banks and residing in an expensive 3 million dollars mansion in Beverly Hills CA) and Administrator RameshMulkanoor(another con artist of the bunch from St Kitts with known money laundering activities and several other internationalscams in of shore banks).
    -They have had to deal with Turbulent issues including lack of Accreditation and denial of Accreditation by CAAM-HP this past 2 to 3 years as well as student unrest.
    -They had hired several people fast to address this, but in their zeal to hire a bad apple slipped through, namely a Pharmacology teacher named Dr. **************** (from West Virgina USA) with known psychological and criminal issues on his record.
    -They failed to check this guys background creating a public media disaster for the school as well as for other faculty including Deans, and Us students.
    -They also got rid of their long time Dean and provost Dr RichardMargoles, who could not deliver on the accreditation from CAAM-HP.
    -Future does not look bright for these Con-artist guys.
    - CAAM-HP has so far denied them Accreditation with numerous NEGATIVE CITATIONs on the record that any one of us who has attended Windsor as medical student can tell you.
  4. thedocj said:

    Fabricated Post Using Sock Puppets

    The above post about a Professor who was fired and others about former students that are negative are entirely fabricated by a former dean in order to discredit those who have made negative but factual comments about the school. It would be useful if the moderator of this post did his job and not allow fabricated posts to be placed on ValueMD
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  5. thedocj said:

    Fabricated and Libelous Posts about individuals

    The individual who is is penning the reports by the name [email protected] com is fabricating negative information about individuals. He actually was the one fired (a former Dean) for sexual harassment and not being able to get accreditation for the school . He is falsely SLANDERING a pharmacology professor josanne - who never worked at Windsor but who is an investigative reporter ; , Margoles - who was never Dean but as Provost had a role in firing professoksilgmailcom; the wife of the founder -Mrs. VinomaniGhaddam who signed off on the decision to fire the former dean professorksilgmailcom and the board chairman Chair VidyaS. who is named gratituously Now, I am not defending Windsor as they are unaccredited and have had issues in the past but value MD should be professional and give factual information to future students. To allow the individual professorksilgmailcomto make up stories is not appropriate. What he writes about others is actually what HE WAS ACCUSSED of. In order to stay within policy I wont name him other than to say he is a former Dean from the United States of Iranian Origin who falsified his credentials along with allegedly sexualy harassing students (to be fair he didnt recieve a hearing on that latter fact) and when this was found out he was fired.
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