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Xavier Aruba vs. IAU

Thread: Xavier Aruba vs. IAU

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  1. dr2bnow said:

    Xavier Aruba vs. IAU

    Will be transferring from AUA now. I have already completed 5th semester, but did not pass Step 1. SMU is not an option to expensive-lost loans. I narrowed my choices down to IAU and Xavier Aruba. I know for a fact that Xavier doesn't require me to repeat 5th semester. I need to get more facts from IAU. But, I know IAU is on the verge of getting NY approval...Which school is better???
  2. abettertomorrow said:
    I don't know anything about the IAU, but when it comes to accreditation, call the NY state department of education's professional standards division to confirm what stage the school is actually at in the steps towards accreditation. Anything else is either hearsay or propaganda.
  3. dr2bnow said:
    Ok. Thanks "abettertomorrow!"
  4. pbnj said:
    I second that just call them up. But if they dont have it right now, might as well go with the one that fits you better and doesnt have crazy rotation wait time lol

    have you looked into any of the other schools like Sint Eustatius? or UMHS. I have a few friends from AUA who transferred there. But i think UMHS also requires you to repeat 5th.
  5. uzix7 said:
    First of all if you were actually passionate about becoming a doctor you wouldn't be reading this but than again If you're being forced by your family to become a doctor or are to lazy to take the mcat than continue on.

    4 Reasons why you should NOT Attend Xavier University Aruba!

    As a MD 1 drop out of this horrible med school I advise you to reconsider attending this school. If you are smart and a bit wise you will take my words seriously. I am about to save you over $20,000(1 semester) and 2 years of misery and regret!

    1-First let's talk about the location this university which is no more than 15,000 square feet and lies in the slums I repeat slums of aruba!. It seems like you've entered a 3rd world country with dirty road and dust everywhwere, wild dogs running around the school area, that will chase you!! its literally a s*** hole, and it's overall not a safe place to be in, there's lots of crime as told by one our professor letting us know to be extra cautious when going around aruba but they won't really show that part on the website When it rain the whole school gets flooded because they don't have a proper drainage system.

    2-This school is run by Indians and their main purpose is your money and that's all. They'll work with you on loan aspects and make sure your loan approved kinda like buying a shady car from a shady dealership. They will control you, and threaten you with suspension if you don't listen to the teachers or them.

    3-Let's talk about staff. Most of the staff have not taken their USMLE!! or even if have they haven't succeeded (no wonder they're working there) they have strong Indian accents and you can barely understand what they're saying and they hate when you ask them questions in between their lectures, they will embarrass you for it(they'll tell you that in the beginning) They prepare you for their own school exams NOT the USMLE, their goal is to make sure you pass their exams so you can proceed to the next semester and Pay them again. They treat you like 4th grade students and try to discipline you, they just read off the slides and they're done. That's it!

    They highly encourage self directed learning, again and again and again. Like seriously what am I paying the school for if I have to understand everything myself???

    4- USMLE- these are the words of a professor I don't want to speak his name because my intentions are not to hurt him in anyway but these people running this school need to stop hurting students lives!!! He said "Last three batches of students were not eligible to take the USMLE here at Xavier University Aruba, only one girl was" so out of roughly say 60 students only 1 was eligible to take the USMLE? Like seriously? And they blame the students! Pretty hard statistics and one s***ty curriculum.. Don't believe me ask anyone from MD2 of Xavier see if I'm lying! everyone was there when he said it!!!

    4-Residency- if you're reading this far and are still not yet convinced to stop going this med school then please by all means randomly call up any hospital they have on their website and see whether or not a student from Xavier University works there or try asking someone from Xavier a list of students along with their year that got residencies . I did but I was never provided a list! Even after multiple emails and phone! Please do some simple math after that.

    I screwed up and lost over $20,000 by going there, even after reading all the bad comments, I just didn't believe it was that bad. Don't not make the same mistake I made! I'm trying to help out as many students as possible because I know the struggle so Just please study for the mcat and try applying for the big 6 of the Caribbeans or just change career options, trust me it's not worth it. You will thank me later for this.
  6. dlauren6 said:
    all of this scounds horrible. I am planning on attending this school in January 2019 and my other option is IAU. What should i do any new students please comment
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