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Corruption at Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba

Thread: Corruption at Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba

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  1. inJust said:

    Exclamation Corruption at Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba

    We are writing this post as a warning to all students that are considering to attend Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba (XUSOM). We are currently MD 5 students and we regret ever applying to this “institution of higher learning.”

    We are sure that there are problems at other Caribbean med schools, but we cannot personally attest to that. Although, we have witnessed firsthand how poorly this school is run:

    1. We became MD1 students in the spring of 2013. The school began a new curriculum. The admission’s councilor’s failed to mention this at all while we inquired about this school. Furthermore, in spring 2014 they once again changed the curriculum without notifying any incoming students.

    2. The new “integrated” curriculum has been a failure. Professors fail to comply with systems and teach what they “think is necessary.” For example, our MD 1 semester, every class was studying the gastrointestinal system, but our anatomy professor, Dr. G (also dean of student affairs), decided to teach the head and neck.

    3. We’ve sat through teacher incompetence from the day we started at XUSOM. Teachers failed to provide adequate notes. They requested that students make presentations and subsequently use those notes/presentations to teach future students. Laziness is a key trait among faculty members.

    4. There is a disconnect between the New York office and the Aruba campus. It takes weeks/months to receive messages and replies.

    5. The grading system is subjective. Students will get passed based on how much the professors like them. Fortunately for us, we learned that sucking up goes a long way and have made it all the way to MD 5 without any problems. We mention this because the professors care more about their egos than students’ actual performances.

    6. The 5th semester coordinator was fired in the middle of our term. We didn’t find out from the school. Our fired professor, Dr. D, sent us all personal emails telling us what happened. The school refused to acknowledge that anything was wrong until our class basically protested. We have a few very vocal and opinionated students that helped.

    7. Our new 5th semester coordinator, Dr. N, teaches the pre-med microbiology course. He has been off putting and demeaning to the MD5 class. He has never taken the USMLE Step 1 and insists that XUSOM’s, “way of reviewing” is the best way to pass.

    8. The Dean, Dr. D, refuses to speak with basic science students regarding the 5th semester. When prompted, he simply replies, “We don’t know yet.”

    9. 5th semester is an online Kaplan course. If students do not take the ONLINE course at XUSOM in Aruba, then they automatically fail. There are several online test proctoring services, but the school refuses to use them.

    10. Students are controlled by fear. If anyone criticizes the faculty or administration, then they will automatically lose points in their subjective assessment. Additionally, students are threatened with suspension.

    11. The school charges an NBME examination fee even though the NBME exams are not allowed to be taken at XUSOM. This is because professors took an exam, copied the answers, and provided them to students.

    12. The behavioral science course is possibly the worst taught class out of every at XUSOM. Dr M, has repeatedly and openly flirted with students. It was taught so poorly our semester that when the Dean sat in class, he asked for Dr. M to wrap up his lecture. The dean told the students that they can learn the material on their own at a later time.

    13. Teachers are missing. We cannot even begin to count how many professors have come and gone in our time at XUSOM. There is no stability. The school currently has no physiology professor. The premed math professor teaches the med students epidemiology.

    14. Currently the MD 2 & 3 classes have combines as there aren’t enough faculty members. MD 2 students are forced to learn material for which they have not received the adequate basic prerequisite knowledge (physiology, biochemistry, & anatomy) The small school, intimate feel that XUSOM prides itself on is a lie. XUSOM doesn’t have a low faculty to student ratio.

    15. The integrated curriculum has been a failure. Our class was not properly taught biochemistry, physiology, nor histology. In fact, 4 of our professors were fired or quit. As a result of not properly learning these building block courses, we as a class have not properly learned microbiology, immunology, pathology, and pharmacology.

    16. The school itself is in shambles. The anatomy lab is kept at room temperature. As a result the various body parts stores are rotting.

    17. The roof leaks whenever it rains and the corridors become flooded.

    18. The library can only be used on weekdays from 5-9 pm because the school wants to save money on air conditioning. Security forces students to leave or move to a classroom.

    19. Administration and faculty care more about making money than seeing the school progress. They are not approachable or helpful. They make us run around in circles to get answers and this is simply so that they can cover their tracks.

    20. In our time here, we have not heard from a single student to move on from Basic Sciences and be in clinical rotations. We are not sure who to trust or believe.

    We hope you reconsider when applying to Xavier. There are many better options. Saying this may hurt our class and current students in basic science because we are sure that the faulty and administration will somehow try to spin this, but we feel that it is important to let people know what really goes on at XUSOM.


    A few brave MD 5’s
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  2. thetruthofxusom said:
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  5. madmed said:

    It Is All True

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  6. Xusom madness said:
    Q q q q q q q q q q q
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  7. aimu observer said:
    Mr Xusom madness
    Your attitude serves to perpetuate the disease in all these schools.
    First most of you would be doctors ought not to be in these schools to start with.
    Secondly the owners of these schools stoke your egos by admitting yout to their so called schools so that they can milk you of your money like how the farmers milk cows or milk. Most of you will never be come doctors.
    Thirdly the owners of these schools care only about their bank books and nothing at all about the poor students.
    Fourthly the few teachers that care and show that they care are mistreated or fired and then black balled
    Fifthly the students dont get together and speak out and tell the world the truth about these schools so that the bad ones would go out of buisness. The students care about themselves and hope that they can survive by carrying tales and other acts of selfishness. Ah lie?
  8. aimu observer said:
    madmed said it is all true.
    And he/she is correct
    A few months ago XAVIER advertised for over a month on HigherEdjobs for about 8-10 teachers. So it is clear that something is wrong with the staffing levels.

    But Xavier is not now corrupt. That is how it started

    The Dean can corroborate the truth of the fact that when the original Xavier started in Bonaire in 2004, they did so by going on the nearby St James campus and stealing both staff and students. Go ask him.
  9. xavierstudent1 said:
    I would just like to say that just because 1 student from Xavier has posted all of the above, it does not make it true.
    I am a current MD student at Xavier, I think the school is making changes for the better. I am part of the new totally integrated system.
    What really caught my attention in this post was the fact that this student is claiming they have not been taught by professors. Since I have been on the island professors have actually went out of their way to make sure the students understand everything. For example, last semester before every integrated exam we asked our pathology prof to give us a review session. For all the sessions the prof took out his time on the weekends to make sure we felt prepared for the exams. We even had two professors at once during one of the study sessions. Also, there have been multiple incidences where the dean himself took time out of his schedule to just give a very quick tutoring session for students that were struggling in physiology.
    As far as faculty leaving goes, this school is on an island if one of the professors have a family emergency at home they will leave. It has nothing to do with the school. The school cannot force a faculty member to stay. Im sure no body is going to believe just one bad opinion about Xavier University School of Medicine, but I just wanted to put this out there. I don't really have time to argue each and every point mentioned above, but I would like to say that so far the professors at XUSOM have not disappointed me.

    lastly, if you had to suck up to professors to be where you are, then you probably were not studying like you should have been.
  10. aimu observer said:
    re I would just like to say that just because 1 student from Xavier has posted all of the above, it does not make it true.

    so are you then saying that if 1 student from Xavier denies the facts presented above that that solitary student is telling the truth?

    you do know that the admin has asked you to make your post and that your spine is lacking in calcium dont you?
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