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Scam scam scam

Thread: Scam scam scam

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  1. TylerMD said:

    Scam scam scam

    Worst medical school in the world !

    Their dean got caught buying drugs from a thug in new york!

    Some of their professors got caught sleeping with students so they could pass without learning anything!

    Most of their residents got kicked from the very few programs they matched in!

    Their diploma is not accepted in the states!

    They have a 0.000001 % usmle passing rates!

    Stay away!!!!
  2. SinghB said:
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  3. Idktriple6's Avatar

    Idktriple6 said:
    This school for 100% certainty is not a scam. It is both accredited by the CAAM-HP and ACCM. As well it is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. One of the very few Caribbean schools accredited by both. Not even the Top 4 are accredited by both accrediting agencies.

    This school has come a looong way since President Ravi started to turn things around for the school 8 years ago.

    Sounds like OP either failed out or didn't get accepted.
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  4. andreas29 said:
    I was a student and a teacher did get fired for sleeping with a student. He was a good physiology professor too. Their accreditation has nothing to do with how good the curriculum is. They sweep every bad thing they do under the rug every time the CAAM-HP comes to the school. The attrition rate is horrendous. Most of the students don't even make it to step 1.
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