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  1. spatel312 said:

    Exclamation Questions

    Hi I have a few questions,

    1. How is their interview like? Do they have an acceptance rate?

    2. What is the quality of education online it says that they have a 94 percent USMLE pass rate and erc.

    3. What is an average MD1 class day like? Like class hours?

    4. How is student housing ? Does it fill up fast?

    5. What is the best thing to bring there with you when you go?

    Thanks to anyone who answers
  2. Idktriple6's Avatar

    Idktriple6 said:
    XUSOM is hosting a live webinar on Tuesday, June 12 to explain what their medical program is all about. You can register for the webinar by clicking the link below.

    Hope this helps because I am looking into watching one as well to get more information.
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