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Be careful and cautious with xavier university schhol of medicine !

Thread: Be careful and cautious with xavier university schhol of medicine !

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  1. WOO said:

    Be careful and cautious with xavier university schhol of medicine !

    Most definitely stay away from Xavier University School of Medicine! .Xavier University has an office in Woodbury, Long Isla:nd, New York, USA and while the school is in, Oranjestead Aruba. However, don't waste your time and money! They are a lost cause! What is indicated in their web page or what they say is not always true!

    They will get a student to apply and with the application write lengthy essays, and send in academic credentials , and recommendations. However, they are in the wrong business! Medical School teaches compassion towards others as well as medical sciences. They are greedy and want your money and couldn't careless! Unless you are very wealthy and came from a high income rich family then you can get by!

    They will get you to turn in over $1,000 deposit and there are very limited loans and really no financial aid , offer a skimpy scholarship to a few students. Then there are many thousands of dollars a student has to come up with out of his or her own pocket like: Housing, Immigration Student Visa, Travel, Tuition and the list goes on. Unless the student comes from a very rich and wealthy family: great! Otherwise, can't afford to pay the out of pocket expenses , they will take your hard earned money in deposit , and it will be history ! The XUSOM couldn't careless and they are selfish and greedy! You will be * out of luck! Medicine and School of Medicine teaches helping people , not to can or rescind people because they don't have money!

    The Director of Admissions is not a Medical Doctor or someone with a premed or Biomedical Science Major background but an incompetent: CS , a graduate of a couple upstate Northwestern New York Colleges: Geneseo and Canisus Colleges , just in the business of making money with influences from Las Vegas , NYC , and throughout the world, and just a former AFLAC Medical Insurance Sales and benefits person.

    The XUSOM will take your money and screw you over! They just want your money vice really training and educating Physicians and Doctors of Medicines! they screwed over many students over the years! Sadly, there is corruption at the medical school.
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    medic300107 said:
    I would state that you shouldn't go to medicals school unless you can afford it. I don't think Xavier advertises student loans guaranteed do they? If not what made you expect them to give them to you or how were you planning to pay tuition? Medical school is notoriously expensive. If you want a school with guaranteed loans and are a US Citizen then you need Ross, AUC, SABA, or St. George's. The rest of the Caribbean schools will all be private loans/private pay. I wouldn't have put in a deposit for school if you didn't know how to pay for it. Can't blame a school for that. That's my 2 cents.
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