I'm starting XUSOM in May. I understand that everyone at this time would be studying and getting work done in order to get desirable grades and prepare for STEP 1, but if possible could someone please spare some time to address my concerns about the school?


Previous posts consistently saying to avoid this school, is there any truth to this?

Have there been actual alumni from this school who are currently in a residency in the states? I had the privilege of conversing with one who recently finished their fellowship. I choose to keep this doctor's identity anonymous for personal reasons.

Are the comments about the lecturers/ Doctors having an unprofessional and callous demeanor towards their students true. Or does this require a different perspective?

While I do take into consideration the students who have left on unfortunate terms, I would love to direct these questions to the students entering XUSOM in January 2019 to shed some light on this matter.

Thank you sincerely for the time taken to address this forum should you choose to do so.